Thursday, November 25, 2010

Last Day!!!~

Today is my last day being 24!!! Damm...
Cepat gile mase berlalu...
And aku still terkontang kanting lagi!!!~
I wish my new age will make me matured enuff to make my own decision!!
pliss think positive Wan~
nak tak nak day...I’ll have all wrinkles in my face... \(+.+)/
So I’ll enjoy my time while I’m still young!!!~
To my parents: Ayah & Mama,
Thankz for both of you for having me as your daughter.
I love you guys so much!!!~
No one can replace both of you!
To my Beloved fwen: ( Yes YOU!!!)
Walaupun aku knal korang baru beberape tahun yg lepas...
but yet, you guys rawks my world!!!
i really2 luv you guys!!!!~
To my Anak Saudara~
Yup...Che'Ja will always luv you guys!!!~
more and more k~
So doakan Che'Ja kaya so bleh beli ape2 yg korang nak!!!~
hahahahahaha!~ Just kidding!~
and....To My Sayang!~
anniversary kita dah nak dekat nie!!!!
lalalala~ i will always lurve yaa~
macam baru dapat award nak bg ucapan!!!
matilerks!.... (^^,)!
*off =LunchTyme~

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