Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How to Save Money?

I've brought some sandwiches …
Thanks to my mom who wake up earlier to do so~
Yup … I’m running out of money…
So this is the best way to save money yang left in my pocket!!~
until i've get my GAJI :)

I’m still wondering how people save their money.
Because until now I even cannot manage it.
Thanks to my BoyFriend who give me ‘moral support’!~
He's the one who will get mad if I boros… (beli tue beli nie)
Yup...sometimes we have to take advice from others people for our own good..
…But yet, I still cannot do some saving and paid the PTPTN.

I’ll give you some example, check it out:-

Situation A

Status: Married
Job Title: Kerja biase2 jeeee…
Salary: Around RM2, 800 (using SPM and his knowledge) + Part Time (maybe).
Children: 3 (1 in Primary, 1 in Secondary and another 1 in Kindergarten).
Spouse: Housewife / MR. Mama
Had an own house and Car which is monthly installments.
He still can manage his saving for Emergency use.
Overall: Cukup2 mkn.

Situation B

Status: Bujang~!
Job Title: Executive
Salary: Below RM 3,000
Leaving with his/her family which no cost at all
Had an own car: Monthly Installments.
PTPTN: Never paid yet.
Shopping: A Lot! ~
Travel: Every year~
Claim his/her boss to increase salary~
Overall: Boros

I don’t want to be like Situation A and B~
Grrrrrghhh~ I’ve to work harder and saving a lot~
I want to balas jasa my parent.
I want to go Makah with them.
I want to get married, got 2 0r 3 kids,
had my own house with swimming pool
(semua ko nak kan!)
I want to do my own Business~
(besar cita2 ko kan)~
Ermmm and a lot’s more!~
And please dun tell me that
I’ve to married with Dato’ or Tan Sri to get all this!!~
Rase nak muntah ok!!!~
Tak perlulah kowt~
Of coz aku pelan2 kayuh~
Nak kayuh ngan Arif je k :p
Kalau tak kaya sekarang takpe~
Janji ada ilmu~
sbb Ilmu lah buat kita kaya kan~
Banyak2kanlah berdoa…
Semoga senang di Dunia dan di Akhirat~

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